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TribeTech uses insights from behavioural science and technology together with commercial and public sector partnerships to develop effective solutions to enhance communities around the world.
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Get off the sofa and find things you like to do, and people you like to do them with – close to you.

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66 Days

66 Days is a mobile app to assist with developing new habits – with a little help from your friends!


A multiplayer augmented reality game of suspense that will get you off the sofa and running for your life. Will you be the sole survivor?

International Skeptics

A legacy of the James Randi Educational Foundation, International Skeptics is an open community for educated and intelligent discussion on everything from Cryptoids to Climate Change.


Helping immigrants connect and integrate.


Kompli is a version of 66 days designed with the health professional in mind, helping them and their clients increase compliance with rehabilitation programs and long-term positive behaviour change.


David Steadson

David has a background in behavioural science and IT and has been an internet entrepreneur since the 1990s

Mattamadugu Seshendra


Linus Heimdal


David Lundström


Sonny Norlén


Damian Fletcher

Community & Development Manager (Australia)

Michaela Steadson

Community Manager (Sweden)

Anne G. Søriede

Community Manager (Norway)